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Keepin' it Hyper !!!

Hello there.

My name is Maciej Dejewski, aka. Hyper Motion, and since you are here you probobly wanted to find out a bit more about the vibes that keep me rollin'.

So ... Im'a: » programmer » music producer » graphic designer » half pro linux administrator ... one creative human.

If you wanted to find out a bit more about my Matrix wanna be programmer grab my C.V. or join me on my Stack Overflow or GitHub profile.

Or check out one of those cool things I keep doing every day :)

Bass-in-Motion Studio

My own comapny's official site

hyper motion Breakbeat / drum'n'bass / nu-rave @SoundCloud

My music
A really small part of what I've done.

SCaT Sound Compare ayeee! Tool action script 3

A tool i wrote to aid me in music production
What it does - channels 1 & 2 (orange and blue) play two mixdowns of song I'm working on. I switch between them with the shorter FADER.
Longer fader let's me switch to some other tracks I find sounding good - it's easy to loose track of the quality people expect if you listen for a loop for hours ... so this little baby here helps in keeping fresh and accepted point of view.

Soundforms are code generated on first wave load.

Q.Bic.Waves @TODO \ JavaScript \ WebGL

Soundforms are code generated on first wave load.

Damn I gotto finish it
Some fun with 3D web rendering. I wanted to use this effect in a website what could look like THIS

An Adventure One Home Made Video me me me :P

Yep .. I'm quite proud of this one
I love the song .. and video came out pretty nice 2 :)

Brutalit-8 Almost live :P hue hue XD

Combinath WWW Circles and Scripts w o o o o

Circles in the desktop
You don't see ideas like this every day :)